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05 November 2010
Robert Berry, New York
Cryptical Envelopment
Icosahedron Gallery
Manhattan, New York
Leading the world of abstract landscape art, Jos Biviano, Judith Lane-Ewing, and Sharon Quirke are visionary pedestals in their respective art forms. American landscape painter, Jos Biviano, explores a world that was once untouched, unspoiled, and unprovoked by human contact. Biviano creates a world that we as humans have never seen, yet have envisioned through his ephemeral color, texture, and surreptitious juxtaposition of light and dark qualities. Another landscape artist, Judith Lane-Ewing, is a counterpart of perfection to Bivianos work exemplifying contrasts of light and dark subject matter and color scheme through her haunting landscapes that leave viewers feeling broken yet, hopeful. On the other hand, Sharon Quirkes vibrant use of color in her landscape work sheds light and mysticism through the contours of her lines. The work of Sharon Quirke uses her homes surroundings of rock quarries as inspiration to transport viewers to a jungle-esque world of color, fluidity, and pure perfection'

........ extract from the review for 'Cryptical Envelopment' posted on the Icosahedron Gallery website.
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